Researching Market Trends

Understanding Market Fundamentals (buyer’s expectations, market segmentation, and product categories) provides a general knowledge of the market from which to begin more specific research for your particular product and target market. The next step in your research is to look at market trends and prices. The important questions to answer in this stage of market […]

Understanding Your Target Market

Good knowledge of your target market is essential for developing a sellable product.  Understanding the lifestyles, buying habits and interests of your end customer will help you to develop a product that sells.  Focusing on the key components of a successful product – function, size, color, pattern/texture, packaging, price and story – will contribute significantly […]

Market Research- Foundation of Successful Marketing

Market research might sound complicated, but it is simply the process of asking questions about the market, finding the answers, and using those answers to make decisions. Market research is an opportunity to organize market information to make better decisions regarding the direction of your organization. It builds the foundation for developing a successful marketing […]