Are you an importer, distributor or retailer of handmade crafts that wants to find a particular product or artisan group to work with?

Have you found a useful resource that can be used by others?

Post your inquiry or comment and interact with others to exchange useful information.

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  1. Beth Lindsay says:


    I’m interested in finding a women’s cooperative in Mexico/CentralAmerica and starting a fair trade business relationship with them to make a product for import to the US.

    Is your group looking for new opportunities or do you have other ideas about how I could go about finding a group to work with?

    Please contact me!

    Beth Lindsay
    Fair Trade Flies

  2. I am writing to see if you may know of any grant programs/ initiatives that have funding for international artisan groups. I am working on a project, where we are recruiting artisan groups to come to the US in order to reach new markets. If you have any insights, that would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Do you have a list of international trade shows featuring artisan craft? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  4. I’m working with a group of paper bead artisans in northern Uganda with a compelling story, who I believe have the potential to develop a really strong product line (on the basis of how well their jewelry sells in our fair trade store). Their trainer/designer is a talented young woman who would benefit from the experience of design camp. Could she apply to attend?

  5. How do I find a particular artisan group to work with, that will put my designs into action. Looking at Europe (Germany), UK, India and Nepal

  6. Hi, I am writing because a friend and I are connecting with local artisans who make handmade leather shoes and other products in Senegal where we are both from. I wanted to know if there is any way I can find artisan products trading show in order to showcase these products. Also what are other methods we could use to get exposure.

  7. Hello, I am a social business consultant working for Yunus Social Business in Albania. We are helping Rozafa Social Business (a local non-profit organization, consisting of 15 workshops of women micro-enterprises) to reach out to international customers. We are looking for external consultant who are well connected to US and Europe handicraft buyers, and can advise us on product portfolios and export marketing strategies. As most of these external consultants are freelancers, I want to know what is the best way to reach out to them, are there any big organizations that I can contact to broaden my search for external consultant?

    Thank you very much

  8. Hello!Im working with a project empowering women artisans,youths and out of school girls in kenya called Hands of Hope Artisans Carvers Self Help Group.We are making Kisii soapstone carvings,post cards,and Jewerely.We are looking for organisations from USA,UK and EU who are giving small grants for artisans for constructing a sheltered workshop?
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  9. How do we connect with other U.S. Artisans to join online co-op?

  10. Yes, what about an online shopping mall where artisans and groups small and large, could showcase what they have available. It could be both retail and wholesale. Is there such a thing? Would it be good to start? Any thoughts on this?

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