Trade Show Visual Merchandising

Amy Meadows is an industry leader in Visual merchandising and is known for creating clever (and cost-effective) installations in Chicago and around the globe. Amy shares useful visual merchandising advise in her blog post “Trade Show Booths: Things You Need to Know to Make Great Visual Displays”. Step 1:  Strategic Signage Don’t rely too heavily on […]

What Makes a “Good” Website

Sara Swartzendruber is part of the Marketing team at Serrv and she has put together a presentation about what makes a “good” website. Please click on the following link to download the presentation. Enjoy! What Makes a “Good” Website

Product Photography Tips

Learning how to take great photos is one of the most important things you can do to improve your catalog. Since buyers can’t see or touch your item in person, photos communicate an item’s beauty and important qualities. We wanted to share with you the following product photography tips: Photograph a single product by itself […]

Buyer Visits & Marketing Missions

The most common places to meet a buyer are at a trade show, when your buyer visits you in your showroom or workshop, or when you visit your buyer in their offices.   The internet (email and websites) is an excellent communication tool but it does not replace making personal contact with a buyer.  Buyer visits […]

Marketing Materials

Communicating Your Product & Company: Marketing Materials Marketing materials provide the essential information about your products, your organization and how you do business. Good marketing materials will help your buyer place an order or initiate a relationship with you quickly and easily. Marketing materials do not have to be expensive, but they should provide complete […]


At this point, you have a profile of your target customer (wholesaler or retailer; product category; and mass, main, or high-end market) and you have marketing materials ready to present to buyers.  You are now ready to approach buyers! In most cases, relationships with buyers are established with face-to-face meetings.  You may introduce yourself to […]

Developing an Online Marketing Plan

The USAID West Africa Trade Hub uses a market-driven approach to increase exports from the region – making West Africa competitive in world markets. The Trade Hub provides direct assistance to hundreds of companies in six value chains. They have provided producers a simple online marketing plan template for 2011- online-marketing-plan-template.docx. Use  this in combination […]

Researching Market Trends

Understanding Market Fundamentals (buyer’s expectations, market segmentation, and product categories) provides a general knowledge of the market from which to begin more specific research for your particular product and target market. The next step in your research is to look at market trends and prices. The important questions to answer in this stage of market […]