International Shipping Regulations

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a great summary of U.S. laws and regulations that U.S. based businesses must keep in mind when exporting or importing. In her article “Get Started in Shipping – Regulations for Importers and Exporters”, Nicole shares the following information: Obtain Licenses, Permits, and Documentation Many imported and exported products are regulated […]

Quality Management

Quality is an important aspect in the production process and requires careful attention. Quality management begins with purchasing of raw materials that meet quality standards and continues through the final packing of the finished product. The export market pays close attention to quality. If products are poorly made, materials are of low quality, or the […]

Reviewing & Confirming a Purchase Order

A purchase order is a written contract issued by a buyer to a seller. The purchase order is often called a PO. It details the products that the buyer wants to purchase and contains product description, quantities, payment terms, delivery dates and shipping details. It may be sent by fax or by email. A purchase […]

Quality Control Step-by-Step

1. Raw materials: The first step in maintaining quality is careful selection of the materials to be used. Materials should be of the same quality as the sample that was sent to the buyer. If the same materials are unavailable or need to be substituted, the buyer must be notified. All materials should also be […]

Packing and Packaging

Once an order is finished, it is time to prepare it for shipping. The first step is careful packaging and packing of the products to assure they will get to their destination without damages. Packaging refers to the way products are put inside an out layer of wrapping material either individually or in sets. Packaging […]

Labeling an Order

A label is information which is attached to a product.  Labels have many uses.  They may identify the product, give information about the product (for example the price or materials), outline instructions for how to care for the product, or tell more about how it was made. Clear labeling of products is important because it […]

Quality Control Checklist

Using a quality control checklist for monitoring consistency and quality of your production is an important step before shipping finished goods. Please click on the PDF link to download an example of a Quality Control Checklist. Quality Control checklist

Are you ready to Export?

Before trying to access export markets,  it is important your organization understands and is well prepared for the demands and opportunities of the global marketplace.  Exporting requires different products, service, pricing, marketing, production, shipping and financial resources than the domestic market.  Because competition in the global market is high, buyers may turn to alternate suppliers […]