The Story of Nagla Bannoura Issa Saliba

Nagla Bannoura Issa Saliba is a 75 year old woman from Palestine. Despite all the challenges she has faced in life, her hard work and determination paved a better life for her children and even grandchildren. Nagla got married very young and despite growing up in a male dominated society, she always believed that women could also […]

SERRV Celebrates International Day of Happiness!

Established by the  United Nations General Assembly on June 28, 2012, International Day of Happiness is celebrated throughout the world on March 20th. SERRV celebrates this day with a very HAPPY video! The General Assembly,[…] Conscious that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal,[…] Recognizing also the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach […]

Mahaguthi, Craft with a Conscience

Mahaguthi, Craft with a Conscience, is a nonprofit organization that plays a vital role in supporting socially and economically disadvantaged artisans of Nepal. Mahaguthi began with the goal of making the poor self-reliant and has been a pioneer in the non-profit social service sector. [vimeo 69089845]   Support Mahaguthi by purchasing their products!

Disability is not Inability

Mupa Guo creates jewelry with Bombolulu Workshop, an organization that works with physically disabled people in Kenya. Artisans are empowered to overcome their physical limitations and support themselves and their families through their craft work. Bombolulu is committed to helping the artisans develop their skills through training programs, as well as providing housing and assistance […]

Edmundo Contreras: Reverse Painted Glass

It’s exciting to find Edmundo’s story and products being featured in Novica’s website! Serrv colaborated with Edmundo (through Intercrafts) to develop a product (Floral Hummingbird Box) that is now featured in Serrv’s Fall 2012 catalog. Born in Apurimac in 1965, Edmundo Contreras Aquise works in the andahuaylino (Andahuaylas) style. He uses painted glass and crackled […]

Handmade with a Story: Terracotta Lanterns by Thuaiprue Khagandra Tripura

Developing a new product with the right combination of shape, materials, technique, and color is a complex task, even for a seasoned product developer. Imagine designing products for buyers in the U.S. without ever having seen what they buy, where they shop, and how they live. This is a challenge many young designers employed by […]

Phan Thi Thanh Hue from Craft Link

Phan Thi Thanh Hue works with Craft Link, an organization in Vietnam empowering small craft producers and preserving traditional cultural techniques. She is a ceramicist, using molds for her pieces. Craft Link is committed to the principles of fair trade, investing in artisans’ social welfare and guaranteeing fair wages, worker safety, and care of the […]

Paper Power

Get Paper Industry  (GPI) is a remarkable artisans’ cooperative whose members make beautiful paper from recycled fabric scraps and natural fibers. It changes the lives of nearly 100 artisans and uses proceeds from their sales to fund: Scholarships for girls to attend school Support of five schools which educate 700 children Eco-friendly production techniques Planting […]