Contemporary Textiles for the Floor

Marni Katz recently published an article on Design Milk about Nanimarquina and their process for manufacturing one of the company’s most popular, polka dots in relief rug!: a fuchsia and purple concoction from the Topissimo collection, which won a Red Dot Design Award in 2003. The following images give you a glimpse of all the steps […]

Glass Blowing in Guatemala

Copavic is a glass blowing company in Guatemala. The COPAVIC cooperative is committed to protecting the environment and transforms recycled glass into beautiful hand-blown items. Glass from soda and other beverage bottles is melted down, tinted, and used to produce a variety of glass items, including vases, sculptures, pitchers, and other household items.   Support […]

Making a Fabric Basket/Bowl

View this tutorial and learn how to make a fabric basket/bowl! Video by “Crafty Gemini”

Recycled Paper beads

Produced by: Beadforlife

Weaving a Future

Produced by: Ten Thousand Villages & Natural Light Films

Indonesian Batik

Produced by: Yayasan Kadin Indonesia and the Lembaga Museum Batik Indonesia

Tagua: from raw material to end products

Produced by: Fair Trade Connection


METALWORKING Raw Materials Mining for gold, silver and other metals is a leading source of toxic pollution. Mining companies often extract vast quantities of dirt and rock and then spray it with cyanide or other chemicals to leach out microscopic amounts of metal.The greatest problem comes from digging the hole, which often exposes sulfur to […]