Disability is not Inability

Mupa Guo creates jewelry with Bombolulu Workshop, an organization that works with physically disabled people in Kenya. Artisans are empowered to overcome their physical limitations and support themselves and their families through their craft work. Bombolulu is committed to helping the artisans develop their skills through training programs, as well as providing housing and assistance with medical care.

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is located in Mombasa, Kenya, and works with more than 100 people with different abilities, men  and women artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities, also providing social benefits to the workers e.g. Clinic, Nursery School, Social Hall, Sports, HIV Prevention, etc. Bombolulu started in 1969 and the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya took over in 1987.

This nonprofit organization produces crafts of a very high standard and gives vocational training to people with special abilities. They have 4 sheltered workshops, producing a range of jewelry, textile, wood and leather products. An on-staff designer creates new products, including the trademark Bombolulu recycled materials design pieces.

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