Glass Blowing in Guatemala

Copavic is a glass blowing company in Guatemala. The COPAVIC cooperative is committed to protecting the environment and transforms recycled glass into beautiful hand-blown items. Glass from soda and other beverage bottles is melted down, tinted, and used to produce a variety of glass items, including vases, sculptures, pitchers, and other household items.   Support […]

A Place to Gather: Craft in Ireland

An inspirational video for those who love and are inspired by craft: A film commissioned by the CCOI (Crafts Council of Ireland) as part of its show ‘A Place to Gather’ at London Design Week 2012.

Product Development at SERRV

It has been over a year since I (Maria Wood) started working at SERRV.  As an assistant buyer in the Product Development Team, I’ve learned a lot about the challenges involved in developing products with artisans living in more than 36 countries. Ideally, artisans would prefer that we visit and work with them directly when […]

Handmade with a Story: Terracotta Lanterns by Thuaiprue Khagandra Tripura

Developing a new product with the right combination of shape, materials, technique, and color is a complex task, even for a seasoned product developer. Imagine designing products for buyers in the U.S. without ever having seen what they buy, where they shop, and how they live. This is a challenge many young designers employed by […]