How Pantone Selects New Color Trends

Learn how the color experts at Pantone forecast color trends and develop color palettes for fashion and home design. See more about Pantone trend forecasts at:

Marketing Materials

Communicating Your Product & Company: Marketing Materials Marketing materials provide the essential information about your products, your organization and how you do business. Good marketing materials will help your buyer place an order or initiate a relationship with you quickly and easily. Marketing materials do not have to be expensive, but they should provide complete […]

Fair Wage Guide Demo

The Fair Wage Guide software is a free tool that creates a new framework for the fair pricing of hand-made goods. At the click of a button, the Wage Guide generates a localized price analysis of wages paid to artisans in comparison to international wage standards. Designed for the use of both artisans and buyers, […]


At this point, you have a profile of your target customer (wholesaler or retailer; product category; and mass, main, or high-end market) and you have marketing materials ready to present to buyers.  You are now ready to approach buyers! In most cases, relationships with buyers are established with face-to-face meetings.  You may introduce yourself to […]

Fair Trade Myths

As awareness of fair trade grows, so do many misconceptions about fair trade. Below are some popular myths about fair trade and the realities behind them. Myth: Fair Trade is about paying developed world wages in the developing world. Reality: Fair wages are determined by a number of factors, including the amount of time, skill, […]

Artisan Resource Trade Show

A Post by our friends, ByHand Consulting Karen Gibbs and Colvin English of ByHand Consulting announce a new opportunity for artisan enterprises. ByHand Consulting is working with George Little Management to launch Artisan Resource, the first US-based trade show designed specifically for overseas artisan exporters to connect with US import buyers.  Artisan Resource debuts at […]

Paper Power

Get Paper Industry  (GPI) is a remarkable artisans’ cooperative whose members make beautiful paper from recycled fabric scraps and natural fibers. It changes the lives of nearly 100 artisans and uses proceeds from their sales to fund: Scholarships for girls to attend school Support of five schools which educate 700 children Eco-friendly production techniques Planting […]