Find Trends & Inspiration on Pinterest

Artisanwork is now on Pinterest! We are using Pinterest to help us organize and share inspiration images and color trends with Artisans around the world. Please visit artisanwork’s pinterest page and get inspired! What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the […]

Developing an Online Marketing Plan

The USAID West Africa Trade Hub uses a market-driven approach to increase exports from the region – making West Africa competitive in world markets. The Trade Hub provides direct assistance to hundreds of companies in six value chains. They have provided producers a simple online marketing plan template for 2011- online-marketing-plan-template.docx. Use  this in combination […]

A Tale From A Million Fair Trade Stories

By Tope Osho through WFTO Within the world of global trade women face a particular challenge and none more so than indigenous women. 1.3 billion People live below the poverty line and around 70% are women. Over the past 21 years poverty among indigenous women has risen by 17% in 41 developing countries. Most people […]

Researching Market Trends

Understanding Market Fundamentals (buyer’s expectations, market segmentation, and product categories) provides a general knowledge of the market from which to begin more specific research for your particular product and target market. The next step in your research is to look at market trends and prices. The important questions to answer in this stage of market […]

Investigando las Tendencias del Mercado

La comprensión de los Fundamentos del Mercado (expectativas del comprador, segmentación del mercado, categorías de productos) proporciona un conocimiento general del mercado a partir de lo cuál se puede comenzar a hacer una investigación más específica para su producto y el mercado objetivo en particular. El siguiente paso en la investigación es mirar las tendencias […]

Packing and Packaging

Once an order is finished, it is time to prepare it for shipping. The first step is careful packaging and packing of the products to assure they will get to their destination without damages. Packaging refers to the way products are put inside an out layer of wrapping material either individually or in sets. Packaging […]

Empaque y Embalaje

Una vez que se termina un pedido, es hora de prepararlo para el envío. El primer paso es el empaque cuidadoso y embalaje de los productos para asegurar que llegarán a su destino sin daños. Empaque se refiere a la manera en que se colocan los productos adentro de un capa exterior de material de […]

Needles, Thread, Mirrors and Scissors

Produced by: St. Mary’s Mahila Shikshan Kendra – Fair Trade Artisan Group in India. Using traditional skills to create the distinctive Gujarti style of embroidery art featuring mirrorwork and embroidered motifs. St. Mary’s is a mix of Christian, Hindu, and Muslim women working together. They have access to medical help, saving schemes, sewing education, […]