Costing & Pricing Your Products

A valuable Costing Handbook put together by Traidcraft. Please click on the PDF link to download the handbook. Costing Handbook

Construyendo un Negocio Fuerte

Comprender las fuerzas y debilidades de su organización y construir sólidas habilidades empresariales es esencial para cualquier organización trabajando en el mercado de exportación. Construir un negocio fuerte incluye tener un plan de negocios, buena planificación financiera, y sólidas habilidades contables y administrativas. Un plan de negocios lo ayudará a evaluar su organización, identificar nuevas […]

Building A Strong Business

Understanding your organization’s strengths and weakness and building strong business skills is essential for any organization working in the export market. Building a strong business includes having a business plan, good financial planning, and strong accounting and administrative skills. A business plan will help you to evaluate your organization, identify new opportunities, set goals for […]

Women empowerment in Africa: The Tintsaba master weavers experience

Tintsaba started as a women’s handicraft project in April, 1985 with 12 women. Over the years, Tintsaba has trained 895 remarkable women in both self development as well as economic skills, earning a reputation as Master Weavers in sisal for fine quality products. This has been achieved through a commitment to excellence in everything that […]

Indonesian Batik

Produced by: Yayasan Kadin Indonesia and the Lembaga Museum Batik Indonesia

Handmade with a Story

Ranu, from Kartipkpur village, has worked with CORR since 1998. She belongs to a traditional potter family. Thanks to her work, Ranu supports her children’s expenses and can send her son and daughter to school. Since 1973, CORR has helped rural women in Bangladesh provide supplemental income for their families. CORR also provides design assistance, […]

Planificando y Manejando el Desarrollo de Productos

Hacer que el desarrollo de productos sea una parte continua de su negocio requiere recursos tanto humanos como financieros al igual que planificación. A continuación hay una lista de ideas de cómo las empresas han asegurado que el desarrollo de productos sea una parte regular de su trabajo. Elabore un presupuesto para el desarrollo de […]

Planning and Managing Product Development

Making product development a continual part of your business requires both human and financial resources as well as planning.  The following is a list of ideas of how companies have made sure that product development is a regular part of their work. Create a product development budget in your annual planning. Include sufficient funds for […]